About Vines to Wine

A message from Annemarie Humm, Owner:


My personal connection to wine developed in my teenage years while working in the family vineyard and wine cellar in the Pfalz region of Germany. 

Accurate and relatable access to wine education for the average consumer has always been a focus of mine. There are more wineries in the world and even more different wines available to us. Store shelves are lined with huge selections of good wines from around the world often leaving the us, the customers intrigued but also confused and challenged; unable to pick the “perfect” bottle of wine. New wine regions, new grape varieties, foreign wine labels, blends and varietals, Meritages, sparkling, dessert and fortified wines have many of us digging deep for navigation skills in the labyrinth of store aisles.

Wine shopping should be a positive experience. Bear in mind, wine and wine consumption have been part of civilization for nearly 8,000 years. Wine, grapes and celebrations accompanied by wine are present in every aspect of our lives, now and have been in the past.

Fine art, literature, the Bible, history and our culture are filled with images and stories about wine.

 Humanity has influenced the history of wine and wine has put its mark on humanity.

Over the years I have developed a unique and easy way to teach wine appreciation which in turn improves consumer confidence. So try one of my classes, and soon you’ll reach for the next bottle of wine without hesitation. My goal is to not overwhelm you with my knowledge, but help guide you in your journey to become comfortable in selecting, serving, and enjoying wine, your meal, and your company with which you share your newfound treasures.

For many years I have enjoyed the opportunity to officiate in wine tastings or lead wine classes and seminars.
It was important to me to strive to have answers to the myriad of questions from students and participants alike. This was facilitated through my twenty-year membership in the Society of Wine Educators and several other professional wine organizations. Whenever possible I took advantage of any opportunity to broaden my knowledge, such as attending annual conferences where I tasted many wines and expanded my palate. Travel in Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Hungary, Uruguay, Slovenia, Croatia and the United States has honed my skills to connect wine with its history and philosophy.

Personal in-depth conversations with vintners, vignerons, wine makers, consumers and restaurateurs kept me focused on the important part of wine enjoyment – specifically the appreciation of a natural product, crafted and composed by dedicated and hard working vineyard hands, cellar masters and estate managers. This process, in harmony with Mother Nature herself, respecting the soil, vines, fruit, climate, environment, gentle harvest and careful vinification methods is a part of my core belief and subsequent teachings.

So back to YOU, the consumer! Over the past years, Health benefits of wine have been reported again and again, but keep in mind that moderation is the Key! With these news, the questions consumers ask over and over again are: How do I choose? Which bottle do I pick? When opened, will I like this wine? Does the expensive price tag guarantee a better wine? Why is red wine better then white wine, or is it not? Should I try the less expensive bottle or the wine my superior or brother/sister recommended? How do I remember the wine I liked last week at that Thai restaurant? What should I get for Saturday night’s dinner with friends? Why does the store clerk suggest the higher priced wine every time I ask him? How do I serve and store my wine?

Questions, questions, questions…….. Where to find the answers?

Thus, I want to invite you to relax and join me on a journey through the wine shop, wine cellar, dinner conversation, the latest media release, cultural events and history. Learn and explore wine and its many facets, colors, aromas and stories in order to find what YOU like. And lastly feel confident and comfortable when choosing a glass of wine in a restaurant or bar, when purchasing wine in a store, when serving it to your family and friends or when giving a bottle as a gift.